52 things that go through the mind of a bookworm

Bookworms are such rare creatures that I don’t think the common human really knows what goes through our minds. To sum it up in a couple words? A lot. A lot goes through our mind every day.

We bookworms usually have deep thoughts that can last hours on end but when our fangirling kicks in we have the attention span of a goldfish. All our thoughts come at once and leave all at once in quick bursts of asdfghjkl-ing. To be honest I don’t know what goes through my own mind half the time, all I really hear is one voice screaming at me all the time to get things done….but I digress. In the middle of that silent screaming and fangirling I managed to take down a few notes as to what goes through my mind on a daily bases.

i need more books
i need more bookshelf space
i need more people to fangirl with
basically i need ALL THE THINGS
a bookworm needs things we aren’t easy creatures we need lots of TLC
i just finished a book. how am i expected to human now?
im fragile leave me alone to suffer
but wait don’t go i need someone to cry to
actually yes go, you don’t understand
bring me chocolate you unfeeling creature
you don’t know what i’m going through
i’ll just read one more chapter
i’m only 100 pages from being done

sleep is for the weak

is that the sun?
i see my ship (!!!)
it shall sail at dawn
asdfghjkl they’re so cute together I cant even
repeat, I am unable to even
oh i really like this character
he’s really cool
and funny
you’re going to die aren’t you?
i wanna curl up no one gets me
where are my online friends??
imma log in
*logs in*
*talks to friends*
ahh. you all get me
why are book covers so pretty??¿¿??¿¿¿¿?
i can’t handle their beauty
i think im gonna cry
the FOnTS
the SHiMMeR
the tEXtURe
it has TeXTUre (!!!)
quick, get me a camera.
let’s spend the next 87239 hours taking pictures of it’s perfection
take me to a bookstore asap
what do you mean i already have “too many books”?
Now, let me ask this again, will you ever so kindly take me to the bookstore?
*nods* that’s more like it.

I’m sure I probably frighten my loved ones from time to time because once in a while my filter will turn off and I’ll see what I’m thinking at the moment. Sometimes I’ll be outright loud; “I NEED TO GO TO THE BOOKSTORE TODAY THERE’S AN AUTHOR SIGNING” or other time’s I’ll sound just plain strange; “*squeals* MY SHIP MY SHIP *faints*” I’m pretty sure my parents are convinced I’m a pirate. Either way, I’m glad they haven’t decided to take me back. They claim to still have the receipt from when I was born and they can still technically take me back. So if one day I disappear for more than a month without any sort of activity on social media….be worried.


Did I miss anything on the list? Has your thought filter ever “accidentally” turned off and you say what your thinking? TALK TO ME. We’ll have a glorious conversation in the comment thread.