I’m an American National writer still trying to find her voice in the world. I have curly brown hair that decides to be curly when it feels like it, and frizzy when it feels like it and I wear glasses that take up most of my face.

I always have a book in my hand, old and tattered or new and shiny it doesn’t matter. Either way I’m still either on the run from an evil queen, unveiling the truth behind a corrupt government, living the life of a cyborg or falling in love with a thief with a great sense of humor and a kind heart. (I love you five-ever if you know what books I’m talking about….five-ever because it’s more than for-ever) I’ve traveled through space countless times, been to the moon, Asia, France and even small Podunk town in North America with the best bookshop in the world.

Music is very important to me. When I listen to music I’m in my happy place. Lyrics are what makes or breaks a song for me. I can love the rhythm of a song but I’m a disgruntled lemon when the lyrics in the song have an alternative motive or bad message. That might be a bit harsh, but words are important to me. Each word has a specific role to play in the big picture.

I have many quirks. I think skunks would make great pets and sarcasm is my second language and I have an obsession with clock necklaces. I like referring to myself and others as fruits and veggies. I’m a deep thought kind of person. We can be having breakfast and if you’re willing to, I can have a two hour conversation with you about different kinds of cereal. I have a weird sense of humor and an even weirder way of doing everyday things. Walking down the street? Haha No. Do you mean doing the shuffle down the street and embarrassing whoever I am with? Yes.

If you can handle my humor and deep thoughts then I think we’ll be great friends.

(if you try and out-weird me I’ll love you and totally one up your weirdness.)