How do you know when the honeymoon phase of blogging is over?

Hello. It’s been awhile hasn’t it?

That’s my fault. I’m sorry, I left without any sort of warning that I might be taking off and not posting for nearly two months! I’m a horrible blogger for doing that, I know I’m sorry. Let me explain before you get angry and start throwing rotten tomatoes at me for being so horrid.

There’s been an icky virus going around where literally every single person in my extended family has gotten, and in the past month I’ve gotten the flu twice, and a short fever that lasted three days. You have to understand….I never ever get sick. Nor does my little sister or my mom or my dad. We probably get sick once a year. So this unusual little bump in the road set me off my blogging schedule quite a bit. I haven’t been able to read, or blog or EAT. (that’s when you know its serious) I haven’t commented on any blogs, scheduled any posts, been active on my Twitter, or much of anything else really.

THAT SAID….I’m monstrously behind on absolutely everything.

Once I was cured and healthy again I tried getting back into my groove of blogging. For some bizarre reason I just….couldn’t. I didn’t have any inspiration for posts, I didn’t have any passion or drive to choose just the right words for my thoughts, I had no energy to maintain my twitter account and website. I tried and tried and tired to blog, but it isn’t any fun if I have to force myself to sit down and write posts.

I guess you could say the honeymoon stage of blogging is over….

I’ve noticed a whole bucket full of bloggers have been going through a slump lately too. Some are giving “bye for now” posts saying they’ll be taking a hiatus and some are just disappearing off the face of the blogosphere.

Like maybe we all caught a slump at the same time?

It’s scary thinking about the books I have to review and read and the posts I have to write. I start over thinking everything and I get overwhelmed and I think things like, “Did I make the wrong decision to make such a big commitment to blogging?” or “Do people even care about what I have to say? Am I talking into a blank and empty void?” or “am I overreacting? Am I really an OK blogger and I’m just being lazy?” or this little gem, “I’m a potato. I don’t want to human anymore, let alone blog.”

I think every blogger goes through this at one point. We aren’t fountains of inspiration who can crank out sixty posts in an hour. Sometimes we run dry and need a break. It’s different for everyone, I took about two months to myself and I feel great and ready to get back into blogging, other’s might only need a week, some might need six months.

How do you know when your honeymooning?

you’ve come up with approximately 41210 post ideas
you have all the time and energy to write them
your commenting back the second you get a comment
your visiting nearly 430 blogs an hour and leaving chatty comments on all of them
so basically you have lots of energy
like all the time
yay! your being social!
for once.
because why wouldn’t you?
there are bookish people! they like books! and writing! and fangirling!
and asdfghjkl they’re just like you!
you made a bestie and now you’re talking basically 236348 hours out of the day
even tho there’s only 24
that’s literally how much you talk so basic rules universal rules like this don’t apply to you
so there.
How do you know when the honeymoon phase is over? Here’s a couple signs:

  • no inspiration
  • no energy to write posts
  • wanting to devour small countries in agony
  • your fingers do that little flutter hover dance over your keyboard when you want to write but can’t find the words
  • write 3 words then procrastinates 7238742 hours on social media because who needs to be productive anyway?
  • has ALL THE IDEAS but lacks ALL THE ENERGY
  • second guessing you and your blog’s relationship
  • like whether or not your writing is good
  • for a scary moment you want to JUST STOP BLOGGING but then you think better of it
  • #whew that was a close one
  • BUT YOU STILL don’t KNOW what to DO about this blogging business
  • you envy other bloggers who have 273497634293 posts scheduled and tons have of inspiration and ideas

Every blogger goes through these thoughts and feelings. It’s inevitable; kind of like being an awkward teen, you just kind of have to go through that phase of thoughts and feelings to be prepared to the future. Take a look at this video to help you get disciplined for blogging:

It’ll be hard at the time, but just like everything else in life you need patience and time….and maybe just a little bit of snacks and CAPS LOCK to get though your blogging slump. (because what would life and blogging be like without CAPS?? not a world I’d like to live in)