Review Policy

Hello Lovely Authors and Publishers!

Thank you for considering A Bookish Flower for a reviewer! Please take a moment to see if the book you’d like me to review fits my requirements.

What I review:

(currently not accepting Middle Grade reads)

  • YA Contemporary Fiction
  • YA Contemporary Romance
  • YA Dystopian
  • YA Post Apocalyptic
  • YA Sci-Fi
  • YA Fantasy
  • Poetry

I would like to keep my reads free of adult content of any sort. Mild swearing is acceptable, as long as it isn’t heavily used. Please no drugs, or under age drinking. I’d like to keep my reads clean, and appreciate if you’d take that into consideration when asking me to review a book.

What I don’t review:

Unclean Romance
Adult Fiction
Comic/Graphic Novels
LGBT Genre
Short Stories
Stories Revolved Around Adults
Religious Genres

If I didn’t mention a specific genre here, let me know by going to my Contact page and I’ll add it to one of these lists!

I ONLY accept physical copies at the moment and SOME exceptions will be made for PDF format. (note: I DO NOT HAVE NETGALLEY/EDELWEISS) Self published books are also welcome for review by my little corner of the internet!

In my reviews, I always use gifs and tend to cover different things such as: Plot, Pacing, Characters, (Depth & Development) and Predictability.

Simple really. The more stars, the more I liked the book. Half stars mean that there was room for improvement. With each 4 + star review I also include a section of my review with a “Recommended song” and “Favorite quotes” area. Wherein I showcase a song that reminded me of (X) book and I choose a handful of my favorite quotes to display.

When you send me an e-mail regarding a Review Request please include the following information:

-The Cover Art

-The Blurb

-Goodread Link to said Book

-Publication Date