Riddex Ultrasonic Pest Control

Insects like crickets, cockroaches as well as rodents may make your home uninhabitable. Living in a house where rats are a constant menace can be traumatizing. Most people find using poison or traps to kill such rodents a dangerous affair especially if you have small kids in your home. Crickets can be a nuisance-denying you the much needed sleep after a long day working.

New revolutionary technology in form of Riddex ultrasonic pest control has been developed to put these irritants at bay. Now you don’t have to worry about polluting the environment around you as no chemical is used. The Riddex ultrasonic emits short wavelength, high pitched frequency sound waves that are not audible to our human ears. The frequencies produced are more than 20,000 Hz. It is worth noting that the human ear cannot hear sounds that exceed 20 kHz due to the cochlea physiological limitations. In other words you don’t have to worry about your sleep as the sound emitted is inaudible.

Research shows that the ultrasonic emitted not only have a repelling effect but play a vital role in reducing reproduction and mating of insects. It must be added that some pests seem not to be affected by ultrasonic sounds. This technology is highly effective in curbing crickets.

Riddex ultrasonic does not in any way kill the rats, roaches, mice, crickets and other unwelcome pest but instead repels them. You thus don’t have to worry about a smelly rotten rat that has died in your house and you cannot locate it embarrassing you especially when you have visitors. It is also an affordable way to deal with the pest compared with purchasing of traps and poison. The technology that is being embraced by many lately is very safe that is has been listed by the Underwriters Laboratories, Environmental Protection Agency as well as being complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).